Monday, 29 October 2012



Teachers are like the three-toed footprints of the bird
And their soul are the song line travelling the earth

Teachers are like our parents
Who guide us to our future
Their soul are like lick of the sunlight

Teachers are like our friends
Wheir sour are roses that bloom up pretty

We are like the mushroom that get stepped on when we plant
Our soul are our homework that we always have to finish first

Written by: Syazana Onn (3 Cempaka)


It's milk for breakfast
And eggs on fine bread
I skip it first
I'd rather be dead

It's rice for lunch
With veggie, I see
I skip my lunch
I'll go to the sea

It's spaghetti for dinner
With bagel and butter
I'll take my dinner
With Mom at the dinner

Written by: Nur Tharwa  Mokhtar (4 Grafik)


The much awaited camping was finally arrived.I had been looking forward to the camping to Kampung Lunak.True enough,it was a camping to remember.I went there with a few friends whose name are Zafran,Amir,Haida and Ika.

Day one,the journey by bus took two hours.I was exhausted because the road was winding.We arrived at Kampung Lunak just in time for lunch.After lunch,we walked along the road and went into Hutan Cenoi.We went out from Hutan Cenoi late afternoon.Since,we were tired to pich our tent,so we decided to put up in a hostel for the night.

Day two, I woke up to yhe symphony of the jungle sounds. I packed my things and had breakfast.Then,my friends and I walked a cross the river using the bridge.We arrived at the fruit orchard.There were so many things to touch and see along the way.I put up my tent which I shared with Ika.We spent all night with the light of nature.

Day three,to met it was the last fun night.As a result I woke up late.My breakfast of that day was only sacks,so I was hungry while continuing my journey.Later, we arrived at Kuala Sena and spend our night sleeping all night long since we were too tired hiking in the jungle.

Day four,we were still in Kuala Sena.Definitely,it would be boring if we did not do anything,so we went fishing.I got a lot of fishes.At night,we had a barbeque to feed our hungry stomach.

Day five,we caught a boat to go back to Kampung Lunak. The boat ride was smooth.Once in a while there were rapids along the way.However , the skillful boatman handled the boat very well.It took three hours to arrive back to spend one more day in Kmpung Lunak and had lunch there.I decided to spend one more day in Kampung Lunak because I did not want the sweet memory ended up just like that.

Day six,we packed our things and went home.A bit goodbye to everyone who had helped me in the camping


Written by: Nur Umairah Muhammad (4 Dana)

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